We offer a number of training classes.  We can conduct these in English or German, on your premises.  Please contact us for a quote:

  • Requirements Engineering with formalmind Studio. This workshop provides a solid introduction to requirements engineering that is suited for novices and advanced participants alike.  There will be a strong focus on using tools effectively, which is important for collaboration and scalability.
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  • Systems Engineering with Eclipse. While open source does not always provide the same quality of industry tools, the price is unbeatable, and the flexibility unseen in commercial applications.  In addition, the risk of long term support is significantly lower than for commercial tools.  This means that the use of Eclipse tools can make sense, and it could even be a strategic decision, as it is for companies like Airbus or Ericsson.
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  • Formal Methods – how to do that anyway? An overview of formal methods in the context of standards like IEC 61508 or ISO 26262.  This course helps decision makers to understand where the use of formal methods can make sense, and provides technical staff with a high-level overview on what methods are available.
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  • ReqIF is here – the Requirements Interchange Format. An introduction to the Requirements Interchange Format.  This training provides technical staff with all they need for implementing the standard, and decision makers information for a cost-benefit analysis.
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Services regarding ProR and RIF/ReqIF

If you want to use RIF/ReqIF or, if you are already using them, you have come to the right place. As the initiator and main contributor to the ProR platform, we have the expertise and the in-depth understanding of the standard.

We can adapt the open source tool ProR to fit your needs, allowing you to save costs while giving you access to all the software’s features.

Services regarding ProB

If you already use formal modeling in your organization – whether it is EventB, SCP, VDM or Z – then using ProB can save you a lot of time and effort. ProB is far more than just a model checker. It is a comprehensive validation framework.

We can customize ProB to meet your needs and integrate it into your tool environment. We can also perform your validations as a service.


If you decide to use ProR or ProB, we will provide all related services – including training, coding and professional maintenance.

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