Systems Engineering

Our core competency lies in the field of systems engineering for safety-critical systems.  Examples of such systems include railway control systems, embedded car controllers and air traffic guidance systems.

We make your system development processes more efficient and more reliable

By tailoring our tools to your needs, you will save time and avoid certain problems.  How this is done is best shown through select case studies:

Case Study: Using ProB to reduce validation time from three man-weeks to five minutes

A customer was already using formal methods for their railway control system.  However, every time the track topology changed, they had to demonstrate that it still possessed the properties necessary to insure safe operation.  This validation typically took three man-weeks to manually perform mathematical proofs, which was slow and error-prone.  ProB performed this task in less than five minutes.


Case Study: Using ProR to manage traceability between requirements, code and tests

A partner was building a tool that would allow them to create traces between code, unit tests and requirements. They decided to use ProR to manage their natural language requirements. They managed to integrate their tracing tool with ease into ProR as its well-documented extension mechanism provided them access to all relevant system elements.