ReqIF Studio – Easy Requirements Management and ReqIF Editing

ReqIF Studio is a free editor for Requirements Exchange Files (ReqIF). With ReqIF Studio, you can:

  • Manage requirements professionally.  ReqIF Studio supports everything you need for professional requirements management: Arbitrary attributes of requirements, linking within and across specifications and the ability to integrate seamlessly with other tools.
  • Directly view and edit requirements in the ReqIF format. ReqIF is an international standard for the exchange of requirements, and is supported by many commercial requirements tools.
  • Easy to get started, plenty of room for growth. You will have ReqIF Studio up and running within minutes.  As your needs grow, you can augment it with many components from the Eclipse ecosystem, like test integration or UML model tracing. As it is built on an open platform, you can also create your own extensions.

Important Notice: ReqIF Studio has moved to, our new website for ReqIF knowledge. You need to first register (free), in order to access the ReqIF Studio Download.

ReqIF Studio was called formalmind Studio until July 2016. The new name reflects that it is considered to be the reference implementation of the ReqIF standard.