The right tool is essential for getting the job at hand done.  We complement our expertise with open-source software tools, based on current research and tailored for industrial use.  Eclipse, the foundation of our tools, is a software platform originally developed by IBM.  Today, Eclipse is managed by the non-profit Eclipse Foundation.  Eclipse has over 50 million lines of code and hundreds of active commiters.  With this, it is a solid foundation for powerful desktop software.

formalmind Studio

formalmind Studio (fmStudio) is the foundation for our offerings, and currently represents a powerful tool for requirements management.  formalmind Studio contains the components ProR and ProR Essentials, which are described further down.


Axiom is a component for ReqIF-based collaboration. It allows you to iteratively exchange requirements with partners.  The intelligent merging and updating allows you to realize many use cases for working with external organizations.


ReqIF is an open, international standard for the exchange of requirements. Today, many commercial tools support ReqIF, including formalmind Studio. We support ReqIF versions 1.0.1 and 1.1.  Compatibility of the various tools, with respect to ReqIF, is assured by an Implementor Forum (organized by ProSTEP), of which Formal Mind is a member – therefore also ensuring the compatibility of fmStudio.

ProR and RMF

ProR is a user interface for working with requirements data, stored as ReqIF, being part of the Eclipse Requirements Modeling Framework (RMF).  ProR and RMF are integrated into formalmind Studio.

ProR Essentials

ProR Essentials are extensions provided by Formal Mind which make working with ProR even more efficient. These are preinstalled in formalmind Studio, but can also be installed manually into the open source ProR.


ProB is an animator and model checker for the B-Method. It provides fully automatic animation of many B specifications and can be used to systematically check a specification for a range of errors. The constraint-solving capabilities of ProB can also be used for model finding, deadlock checking and test-case generation.


BMotion Studio is a visual editor which enables the developer of a formal model to easily setup a domain-specific visualization to discuss it with the domain expert. BMotion Studio frees the user from needing to write code and allows the user to create the visualization on the “look and feel” principle.

Open Source

Our software platforms started off as academic projects in which we were involved. We believe that open source fosters innovation.  We benefit as our work attracts contributors from all over the world.  Our customers benefit from the expanded community and can collaborate with other service providers apart from Formal Mind.

Based on Research

Our ties to Heinrich Heine University and the constantly evolving research happening within it’s halls mean that our tools are evaluated against and tested with cutting edge approaches that keep them ahead of commercial products that are typically based on established age-old methods.

Industrial Tailoring

Academic software sometimes has the reputation of not being user friendly, scalable or maintainable.  As we are actively involved in the development of these projects, we pay attention to aspects like software architecture, development infrastructure, documentation, etc., to ensure that the projects have the desired quality.  In addition, we can tailor the tools to meet our customers’ needs thereby further improving usability.