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Where is ReqIF Today? Survey Results from ReConf 2015

ReConf is the largest conference on requirements engineering in Europe. Of course, Formal Mind was present, both with a talk and as an exhibitor.  We have already posted a retrospective. At the same time we supervised a group of students who were participating in the Entrepreneurship Lab

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New Documentation / New Writing / ReConf Special Sale

Better Documentation A while ago, we migrated the user documentation of Eclipse RMF and formalmind Studio to a new publishing technology (Latex).  This allows us to publish the documentation at  the same time on the Web, as a PDF and as built-in tool documentation (Eclipse Help).  You

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Sprechen Sie deutsch? Or: How to make this blog as useful to you as possible

This is actually the 50th post to the Formal Mind blog. A reason to celebrate, but also a reason to reflect. The goal of this blog is to inform our readers on science in systems engineering.  Are we doing a good job? To find out, we created

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