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Agile Requirements with ProR

During the last couple of years, agile methods were experiences a renaissance in systems development.  Organizations started to adapt their processes, and this included requirements engineering.   It’s actually tragic that at some point, agile development and requirements management were considered mutually exclusive.  This is certainly not

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RMF/ProR 0.3.0 released – so what’s new?

The RMF team is delighted to announce the 0.3.0 release of RMF and ProR.  If you currently use an older version, please be sure to update.  Please note that there is a separate update site for 0.3.0, so you won’t get the update automatically. You can download

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Anforderungs-Templates mit ProR

English-Readers: Please excuse that the following article is written in German. Im HOOD-Blog wurde vor kurzem gezeigt, wie man mit Anforderungs-Templates besser im Projekt arbeiten kann.  Seit dem letzten Release sind in ProR alle Features vorhanden, um mit solchen Templates umgehen zu können.  Das Ergebnis ist im

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Well Worth the Wait: New ProR Integration Release (0.2.0)

The RMF team is proud to announce the i12.03 Integration build, which brings significant improvements both in the core and the ProR user interface.  Please download it at the RMF download site. In this iteration, we were focusing on the GUI and on the integration of a

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Next ProR snapshot coming up soon – please help us prioritize!

The presentation of ProR and RMF at the ReConf in Munich this week was well received.  We got plenty of constructive feedback both from real and potential users, as well as from contributors. We pledged to create a snapshot build every two months, and we will now

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ProR, RMF and Formal Mind at ReConf 2012

ReConf is one of the biggest requirements conferences in Europe, and Michael Jastram has been a regular speaker since 2007.  This year, he will give two talks: Structuring of Requirements for a tight integration with Models: requirements management and modeling are related and complementary, but how tightly

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ProR Snapshot Build available

Good news to everyone interested in ProR – we finally have a snapshot build available on the RMF website.  If you are interested in ProR, ReqIF, etc., please give it a spin. The last release took place in August 2011 – an eternity ago, as far as

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Requirements + UML = SysML

What happens if you start with UML, take a little away, add something new and tweak it a bit?  Depending on what exactly you add, you may end up with SysML.  SysML created some excitement in the requirements engineering (RE) community, as it provides some rudimentary tools

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ProR is part of RMF

We are very excited to announce that ProR is now part of the Eclipse Foundation Requirements Modeling Framework (RMF).  We decided to use the name RMF (rather than ProR), to keep the distinction between the GUI (ProR) and the various RIF/ReqIF cores.  The initial submission to the

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