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Data Validation & Reverse Engineering

At the core of the B-Method is a very expressive language rooted in predicate logic, set theory, relational calculus, higher-order functions and arithmetic. At the heart of our ProB toolset is an evaluator and constraint solver for this language. We strive for both efficiency and correctness, such that the

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ProB Logic Calculator

A first prototype of a ProB Logic Calculator is now available online. With it you can evaluate arbitrary expressions and predicates (using B Syntax). It is a great way to learn about B, predicate logic and set theory or even just to solve arithmetic constraints and puzzles.

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ProB 1.3.4 released

ProB 1.3.4 is available. The highlights of this release are: an “Evaluation View” to inspect formulas and values, an interactive “Eval” window to evaluate expressions and predicates, support for CSP assertion checking, an improved editor, e.g., with on-the-fly syntax highlighting, 64-bit versions for Mac and Linux are now

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ProB 1.3.3 released

ProB 1.3.3 and ProB for Rodin 2.1 is available. Highlights: improved performance, constrained-based deadlock checking, record detection, and many more. Find out more on the ProB pages.

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