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Using RMF to integrate your models

We’ve all seen it: You need to write a spec, so you open Word, write some text, you copy a state diagram from Enterprise Architect, and eventually send it off as a PDF. Okay, things are slightly better now. In the Eclipse ecosystem, maybe you are using

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Visit us in Braunschweig at Forms/Format

We are happy to announce that we will be present at the conference FORMS/FORMAT in Braunschweig, both with a paper (and presentation) and a tool exhibition. The paper is entitled “A Systems Engineering Tool Chain Based on Eclipse and Rodin”. We’d be delighted to see you there.

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Integrating Requirements and Models

While requirements engineering in itself is already useful, integrating it with other elements from the system development process can increase its value significantly.  We already hinted at this in our scientific work with respect to traceability, or our thoughts of an integration with Topcased.  Our latest ideas

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