Systems Engineering Events That are Worth your Time

Formal Mind is engaged in the systems engineering community, and we’re happy to invite you to join us at one of the upcoming events that we co-organize or join later this year.

Note that the events all take place and are primarily held in German. However, English speakers are welcome, too.

October 7, Hamburg: Nord by GfSE, the German Chapter of INCOSE

INCOSE, and its German chapter, GfSE, organizes a number of events. Last year, GfSE started to offer as a community-focused “unconference”. There are a number of distinct differences to a regular conference:

  • Attendees bring their own topics, thereby ensuring that their topic of interest will definitely be covered
  • Takes place on a Saturday, thereby supporting enthusiasts who cannot take the time off from work
  • Extremely affordable, as the event is organized by volunteers and supported by sponsors. This really allows everybody to attend, including students and the unemployed. For GfSE members, admission is €50.

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November 18, Minden: Modeling Craftsmanship Camp

Taking place for the second time in Minden (near Hannover), this year’s event is building on the great success of lat year’s camp. Similar to the, this is an affordable event taking place on a Saturday, where participants bring their topics. Tickets are beteen €20 and €40, depending on how soon you book.

In contrast to the, here the focus is on modeling. While we discussed systems modeling a lot last year, other modeling topics are welcome, too, including simulation and CAD, amongst others.

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November 10, Paderborn: TdSE, Agile Submarine Development

Dr. Michael Jastram is coauthor on this talk on agile submarine development. This talk takes place on the third day of TdSE, which is short for “systems engineering day”. It’s the main conference of GfSE, the German chapter of INCOSE. As always, it will be worth attending all three days.

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December 4, Sindelfingen: ESE-Kongress, Requirements Modeling and ReqIF

Not just one, but two talks by Dr. Michael Jastram take place at the Embedded Software Engineering Kongress, the biggest conferece on embedded systems in Germany. The talks are:

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We hope to see you at one of these events.

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