Formal Mind helps in the development of safety-critical systems. Our products are based on current research, tailored for industrial use.

Axiom - The affordable solution for requirements exchange with ReqIF

Model-driven software and systems development are getting more and more widespread.  But what tooling do you use?  Commercial solutions are often expensive and overkill.  Further, as you commit to the vendor's tooling environment, you submit to vendor lock-in, and the choice may become problematic due to long-term-support issues.

Instead, consider using an open source solution, combined with open standards, complete with commercial backing. Our tools are based on Eclipse, which is managed by the independent Eclipse Foundation. Eclipse offers a huge ecosystem consisting of over 50 million lines of code of free, open and fairly licensed software.  With Formal Mind as a partner, you can rely on professional, commercial support that delivers.

Our free formalmind Studio allows you to quickly get started with requirements engineering, based on the open ReqIF format, which gives you interoperability with many industry tools for requirements engineering.  We help you to extend this tool platform with the free or commercial components that you need to be productive.

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Formal Mind is an academic spin-off that commercializes research in the area of systems engineering.  We base our services on open source software.



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